Vessel Safety Checks

U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary Free Vessel Safety Check

With a recent campaign called national safe boating week by the U.S Coast Guard. There was an emphasis on promoting the free vessel safety check that eh Coast Guard Auxiliary offer.

The group of volunteers that try to make the waterway’s a safer place for all concerned offer education and safety checks. The U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary recommends that all kinds of recreational boats should have one of the free vessel safety checks.

The vessel check will help the boats owners to identify potential problems so that they can be corrected and hopefully save lives. The check may even raise issues that go against federal laws and help to put them right before any problems occur.  At the end of the check, if your boat passes you will be awarded with a certificate which will help coast Guard boarding officers in completing their tasks as soon as possible if they have to board your boat to carry out their duties. They also offer courses that will help with all aspects of boating such as how to navigate on lakes.

Vessel Safety

In 2014 the Coast Guard of Auxiliary and Boating reported 610 deaths in the recreational boating. 250 of the boat operators hadn’t taken a safety class which is one reason for such a high figure.

There are a number of qualified organisations that offer boating safety courses and often they will also provide sponsor ship.

If you are interested in taking a boating safety course or making use of any other service offered by the coast guard make sure to download their new U.S Cost Guard Smartphone app. The app has lots of useful information such as: safety equipment checklists, state boating information, free boating safety check requests, navigation rules, float plans and a calling feature if there are any suspicious activities you wish to report. You can also make it so that the app provides you with up to date weather reports from your nearest weather buoys and warns you of any potential hazards in your area.