Inflatable Life Jackets

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Inflatable life jackets are just one of the many forms of PFD Personal Flotation Devices. Wearing a life jacket is very important, however knowing how to use it properly and maintain it is also just ... Read More

Vessel Safety Checks

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U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary Free Vessel Safety Check With a recent campaign called national safe boating week by the U.S Coast Guard. There was an emphasis on promoting the free vessel safety check that... Read More

What is a rip current?

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A rip current also known as a “rip” is a kind of water current that is found near beach fronts. A rip refers to the narrow strong current of water that flows away from the beach. You can f... Read More

Boating Safety

The Importance of Boating Safety The majority of people will at some point in their life venture out on a boating excursion whether that is on a motor boat or out on a rowing boat. You may be going o... Read More